What do people publicly say about your organization, your ecosystem, your sector, the issues you tackle? How can you leverage 100,000s of online social media conversations to discover the tends, niches and key changes of your sector leveraging the right set of softwares and social networks analysis?
How can you build or grow the social network of your enterprise by targeting qualified contributors, allies up to share their knowledge with you, leveraging specific social media mechanics and some of our in-house methodologies?
How can you create compelling stories about the events you organize and about your enterprise thanks to well-crafted blogging and social media Live Reporting technics?
How can you empower the members of your organization to harness the power of distributed networks, while reinforcing your enterprise culture and identity thank to our gamified training?


So far, we have been boosting the strategy and execution of 40+ smalll social enterprises, NGOs, national events organizers, up to multinational companies CSR and social business departments, or public institutions like the Ministry of Youth in France or the European Commission in Brussels.


Get to know more about the values that related the fellow consultants of our network: our background, our work ethics, why we offer what we offer, how we choose who we work with, our vision.


We are a network of independant consultants spread across 3 european capitals: Paris, Madrid and Lisbon.
Romain Chanut

Romain Chanut

Romain cofounded @somediasquad in 2014.Romain is also at the origin and development of a transnational network of Free Hardware activists across France and 5 African countries through the project.

Habib Belaribi

Habib Belaribi

Habib has 7 years of experience in communication and online technologies, and specifically on social media analysis softwares and methodologies, in France and China . Now designing games at the crossword of communication, organization and workers ethics tools, inspired by the Free software culture.

Ambre Perez

Ambre Perez

Ambre has an in-depth knowledge of the economic management and projection of a company's assets and has been key to the growing of the Social Meida Squad when it was a coop enterprise (2014-2016). She has also a degree in contemporary dancing from the most famous french school in that field.

Marie Leborgne

Marie is the person at the very origin of Social Media Squad in 2013, and launch the coop enterprise with the first associates Romain Chanut, Louis-Marie de Certaines and Habib Belaribi in 2014. She is know working as a consultant for a digital transformation company.

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